[sticky post]Hello minna-san~
I just thought I'd revive this LJ, I thought I might need a place where I can fangirl freely and put my own ramblings and thoughts in one place hehe

so I guess I need to introduce myself? a quick intro would be nice :3

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Thoughts on Koichi-kun's GRAVITY album and Sexy Summer ni Yuuki ga furu spazz!
Hello minna~
ahh it's been a while since I last posted, I was pretty much busy and I didn't have time to go online and stuff, it's college and watching dramas is all what I did in the past few weeks XD;;

anyway! I've wanted to share my thoughts on some releases from Johnny's that I really liked, I didn't listen to Arashi's popcorn album yet but I'm sure it's going to be good like any Arashi album *not being biased here arashi are actually my no.5 fav group in the Jimusho, it's just their music is amazing<3*

anyway I was pretty much excited about Koichi-kun's solo debut, people had negative thoughts about his 'style' but I pretty much liked it, I know most JPop or Johnny's fans dislike dance and autotuned numbers similar to KPop but many JPop artists release stuff like that, I, myself listen to JPop, KPop and CPop and generally I like anything that attracts my ear, Koichi's album GRAVITY showed a different flavor that he rarely showed in KinKi Kids, I love Danger Zone ~to the unknown world~it's addictive and the PV is really good his dancing, his aura is so different, I couldn't help but think 'koichi-kun kakkoii!! XD' I really love him this man<3 other tracks that I really found good in the album are Deepness, Come Closer, Bluffxx and JAM ~Freaky Night~, but my most favorite is Bluffxx, cause it kinda focused on his vocals more and I just looovvvvve Koichi's voice, it's manly and his notes are really.. amazing.

what I didn't like tho were the... COVERS ughhh those deadly hideous covers I just can't tolerate them, I mean yeah well Johnny's aren't THAT good in the cover arts department, but GRAVITY's were waay fugly, I mean the bad photoshop and everything, it makes it seem like the album sucks, Koichi's solo debut needs a high quality album and really cool that brings out Koichi's 'wild and cool' side, oh well~ at least I enjoyed his solo debut, well done Koichi! ^^

he's such a cute kid or.. choding as they say in KPop fandoms! xD btw gifs from tumblr.

let's jump to my favorite kouhai group now Sexy Zone! maan I'm reaalllyy into them these days, the last kouhai group I got into was actually NYC but Sekuzon are too cute and sexy xD to not love! Sexy Summer ni Yuuki ga Furu is their latest single released last month and last before the release of their FIRST ALBUM EVER

Sexy Summer is cute, tbh I didn't feel it at first I thought like 'what is this' I had the same exact feeling whenever I hear a minimoni song if you're not a fan of H!P you won't know them, youtube them XD , but then I don't know what happened to me! I am now addicted to the 'Hello Hello and Merry Christmas' part I never got the concept of 'Snow Falling in Summer' and Christmas suddenly i n the song and it's still too early for that, but I love the PV because you could see them jumping around and dancing and being the cute rookies that they are<3 but I REALLY hope they'd get rid of the random juniors who jump around and just give you a headache from their excessive movements x_x
I loved the b-sides as well, Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru is really nice and definitely my cup of tea of an idol song, it's heartwarming and reminded me of arashi's b-sides too! Ame Datte by Sexy Boyz is really cute as well! at first I thought 'hmm.. sounds like a song I'd hear the current morning musume would sing' example so I really grew to like it a lot after few listens, I don't know who are the juniors in this unit with mattssu and mari but they're not bad! :D the last track in the single is Bayside Elegy which I think is sung by Fuma, Kento and Shori only, Fuma's vocals are kinda dominating here and I think he enjoyed singing it because he likes singing serious songs and I totally fell in love with it on the first listen, also am I the only one who thinks that his voice sounds sooo similar to Ryo's here?! XD anyway this song is really great got to be my favorite in the single! ^^

can't wait for their first album! GAME and teleportation are included and the only tracks I've heard because of Shokura

and just a nakaken gif to share the kawaiiness of this boy D: <3

Happy birthday to awesome leader Ji, 25? his age doesn't do him right! he's still the same old cutie GD in Dirty Cash and How Gee xD

love you leader, we'll always support you and hope this year is a G-Year for you and all VIPs<3


Happy Belated Mugenday Eighters!!


I know I'm late, but yeah happy 8th Anniversary to eito! love you guys, let's keep on supporting our boys foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~

..I'm becoming a pedonoona at a very young age ahh jinjaa ;~;
pedonoona? yes pedonoona! I'm becoming a pedonoona at the age of 17!! I'm young right?! like usually girls start becoming pedonoonas at at least 19 years old, and here I am, targeting my first pedonoona obsession at 17... uhh.. how desperate am I..?
probably most of you don't know what a 'pedonoona' is..

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I was randomly watching JE videos on youtube when I stumbled upon this cutie johnny's junior ugh the cuteness he spreads from just being THERE..

I literally died at his sight.. like omg!! how can he be so pretty?! it's unfair.. currently there are too many guys who just debuted that have this enormous 'prettiness' in them.. i feel ashamed as a female tbqh..
yes he's none other than Marius Yo, JE fans would know who he is but since I only follow my favorite groups, I don't keep an eye on rookies and juniors, so I didn't know he was part of Sexy Zone, I've seen articles about them but I wasn't interested tbh, but after watching some videos and listening to their singles which are only 2 since they just debuted I find them quite charming, even the other members, so I guess I'll be following them from now on huh? xD

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I don't have 'weird' feelings about him, this is just.. weird LOL but knowing me, a person who loves anything pretty and cute, I just fell in love with this boy's youthfulness and freshness, really the juniors DO have a different aura to them, reminds me when I watched the Kansai Juniors and looked at chibi ryo, maru, tacchon and yasssuuuu *.* they were cute as well~ :3

so... I guess I'm not so pedonoona right?! b-b-b-because I'm not so old and I'm still so young too so I guess it's alright
and YES he IS a new ichiban added to my list of ichibans

Shopping at Daisou~ :3
Today I was wondering if I should visit the Japanese store here in Kuwait called Daisou, I remember I went with my dad when it was first opened in Kuwait but I couldn't remember it clearly it was yeaaaars ago so me and my sis went to check it out.
It's quite nice, many Japanese merchandise were sold there, really cute fans and masks *the ones sold in matsuri and stuff* I even saw some lolita stuff but they were kinda tacky lol xD

What I really liked were the Japanese clutter or more like tea sets, plates and other stuff they were really cute!

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Kanjani8 madness, MBLAQ Hello Baby and new stuff to watch
Recently I've been really into Kanjani8, I admit I got into them this year, but after watching many stuff related to them from pvs to variety shows and stuff, I think I've known them for years now haha, well I gotta admit they all have amazing personalities, each member is unique, and I love how funny they are! seriously I can't stop laughing each time one of them jokes or says something/does something random, especially Yoko and Hina, both are amazingly funny! Maru is very random and funny too, I love how he goes all dancing around in a dorky way lolol, also Baru is really funny sometimes and his pervy oujisan persona is really getting to me these days xD , Yassu and Ohkura are so cute and wonderful, since I'm yassu biased I'm just admiring him even sitting there doing nothing xD♥ I've known Ryo for years even because of NEWS, so I already know how awesome he is

*he's just too sexy isn't he?*

I also LOVE their music, my favorite era is their FTO and KJ2 era because of heavenly enka sound used *also too much Kansai♥* but I also love their recent stuff, ER is a great single I cannot wait for the movie♥♥ BOTTOM LINE IS KANJANI8 IS AN AWESOME FANDOM.

leaving eito aside, I'm watching MBLAQ Hello Baby from where I left off, I cannot exactly recall why I stopped watching it *even though it's such an awesome show and the kids are supeer cute =3!* but I'm watching it right now and I cannot express how much I  miss MBLAQ ;~; love these guys, they're awesome in every way *as awesome as eito tbqh* >.<!

So I guess I have new stuff to watch? plus watching Love Rain(kdrama), Natsuyaki Rendezvous (anime), Kuroko no basket (anime), I'm glad I have stuff watch since I've been so bored the last few weeks, summer is long when you're bored, short when you have so much to do, mou~~ what to do =.=''



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